PVF students pay tribute to instructors on the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day

Ngày cập nhật23/12/2016

An old saying, “No guide, no realization,” has seemingly been imprinted on countless generations of students. However, many are under a misconception that the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day is meant for academic teachers and lecturers. Actually, there are a large number of silent teachers and instructors out there who are highly dedicated to their special or even rare profession. Day in day out, they painstakingly guide their students and devote their lifetime to training generations of outstanding students for the country.

Today, the up-and-down profession full of laughters but also soaked with tears that I’m talking about is football coaching, which is training youngsters into professional footballers. For most academic teachers, their work typically stops as their evening classes end.

Meanwhile, apart from training hours on the field, the coaches at PVF also serve as loving fathers who take good care of their homesick children/students to make sure the boys are entitled to comprehensive physical, mental and emotional growth.

Though exposed to the elements every day, the coaches still go to great lengths to hone unrefined nuggets into gems for Vietnamese football.

There are days when the coaches remain on the field in the downpours, give meticulous instructions and keep telling their students to practice and get used to the harsh weather. As both the coaches and students are wet and cold, few students are aware that their instructors ache on the inside at what their teenage students have to drill in the torrential rain.

Despite tremendous hardship, all the coaches remain highly dedicated without a single complaint or a sign of tiredness in front of their students. The coaches remain bold to set shining examples for their boys.

After training hours, the coaches hardly take rest. They have quick meals and return to their young students. They keep reminding their students to study hard in academic classes to avoid being scolded by teachers. They silently keep an eye on their boys, not only training them how to play football well but also guiding them to become students and citizens with good conduct. As years pass, witnessing their boys’ growth, no coaches can hide the glowing elation in their eyes.

November 20 is a special day for these silent coaches. The students sit silently, attentively listening to their coaches’ long-cherished aspirations, confidences and partly understanding more about their teachers’ ocean-like hearts.

The boys are aware of how much care and love their coaches have doted on them, and how much energy, effort and dedication their coaches have put in just to train them into outstanding, well-behaved footballers. More than ever, the juniors clearly feel the teachers’ boundless care and devotion, which have in turn instilled in them- future footballers- passion and fervor for their chosen calling.

On the day meant specially for teachers, the young PVF trainees- future Vietnamese footballers- sent their heartfelt wishes and hopes that the teachers will stay healthy to keep up their noble pedagogical profession.

A number of photos taken on November 20, 2013 at PVF:

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