PVF supports the physical test for Viettel FC players

Ngày cập nhật03/01/2020

Receiving the proposal to support physical examination from Viettel Football CLUB, on December 17 afternoon, the PVF Perfomance department conducted a physical examination for the players of the army team.

The 2019 season marks the return of one of the most admired teams in Vietnam-Viettel FC in V-League. With the huge investment, Viettel FC finished the season at 6th on the table.

1In order to prepare the best for the new season, on December 17, the entire team had a physical test under the support of the PVF performance specialist. On December 19, the team will have a second test at PVF.
Besides having a little surprise with the equipment and tests, the overall atmosphere of the entire team is quite vibrant and excited.
Here are a few pictures of the physical test of the player at Viettel CLUB in PVF on December 17:







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