Midfielder Huynh Cong Arrived in Japan for a try out

Ngày cập nhật03/01/2020

The PVF’s Quy Nhon midfielder will participate in the training program for players in Japan from December 11, 2019 to December 18, 2019, organized by the Japan Professional Football Association (JPFA).

cong den

Huynh Cong Den (No. 26) and his teammates finished the National U19 as runner-up in 2017.

It is estimated that the program will have about 100 players. This is an opportunity for the PVF player to get used to trying out in developed tournaments, competing for a slot in the match with suitable clubs in Japan, as well as a reward for being one of the best students of the academy.
Joining PVF in 2012, with a confident and mature manner, Cong Den showed that he is only inferior to his seniors in age, not in his ability to play football. He can play well in the center and two wings. Thanks to his clever movement and dangerous finishes, Cong Den deserves the trust of his teammates and coaches.
Club level:
– Runner-up of the 2016 U15 National Championship
– Champion of 2016 ICC Singapore U15 international football tournament
– Runner-up of the 2017 U19 National Championship
– Champion of 2017 U17 National Championship with U17 PVF
– Champion of the 2016 V-league 3 National Cup
– Champion of 2018 U17 Elite Gothia U17, China
– Runner-up of 2019 V-League 2 with Pho Hien FC
– Third place at 2018 U17 national championship with U17 PVF
National Youth Team Level:
– Reached the U20 Asian Cup finals 2020 with U19 national team.

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