PVF- the incubator is conducive to the Vietnam U19’s history-making feat

Ngày cập nhật26/10/2016

Two years ago, members of the Vietnam U19 team including Công Phượng and his contemporaries were mentioned a lot with HA Gia Lai incubator’s contribution. Other incubators such as PVF, Viettel and Hà Nội T&T now have their voices heard. PVF’s players take an important role in the team’s formation and styles..

The triumphs of the Vietnam U19 team against Bahrain as well as those in previous matches marked the contributions of three key players, including Center Back Việt Anh, Midfielder Hồ Minh Dĩ and Forward Hà Đức Chinh.

These above-mentioned youngsters often play as main players in Coach Hoàng Anh Tuấn’s starting formation, and play in the Vietnam U19’s backbone axis.

If Việt Anh and Tấn Sinh form a physically robust Center Back duo who excel in arial battles and combine seamlessly with each other, Hồ Minh Dĩ is one of the team’s crucial triggers of the team’s upper line and is considered by AFC to be one of the most promising players at the on-going AFC U19 Championship.

Hà Đức Chinh’s performance on the forward line is not as stable, but his role as a Centre Forward is by no means small in the team’s success under Coach Hoàng Anh Tuấn’s guidance over the past time.

With nice-looking physique, coupled with flexibility in movement and capacity to withstand impact, Hà Đức Chinh often tires his opponent’s defensive line out and bewilders them with his continual movements. It was Chinh that headed the ball beautifully, scoring the first goal for the Vietnam U19 team into the North Korean team’s goal, gaining the team’s first victory at the tournament and opening the Vietnam U19 team’s dream-like journey up to now.

Just like almost all other Vietnam U19 players, Hồ Minh Dĩ, Hà Đức Chinh and Việt Anh fought maturely and calmly with a firm spirit, good techniques and a good sense of discipline. This is indicative of the fact that formal training, sound technical foundation coupled with constant competition at domestic and international youth tournaments have enhanced their experience and competing spirit. The Vietnam U19 team’s success is also creditworthy evidence made by PVF incubator in particular and other training centers in general that their constant investment regardless of how much money, effort and time are poured into has yielded initial efficiency, which is indicated by helping Vietnam football secure a standing at the AFC Championship and reach out to the World Cup arena.

The positive, fair competition among youth training incubators will also be the premise to develop the human resource for domestic football. Regarding potentials, the current batch of the U19 Vietnam team in general and those from PVF in particular have proved they are no less efficient than the products of other youth training centers. 

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