PVF U17 finish as runners-up of 2019 U17 National Championship

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PVF U17 came up short in the final of 2019 U17 National Championship after losing 4-5 to Thanh Hóa U17 in the penalty shoot-out. For the second year in a row, Võ Nguyên Hoàng of PVF U17 was crowned as the Most Valuable Player of the tournament.

HUU 2345

PVF U17 receives prizes for the runners-up.

In the true atmosphere of a cup final, both PVF U17 and Thanh Hóa U17 created dangerous opportunities right from opening minutes. As early as the 3rd minute, PVF U17’s Trịnh Văn Chung already had the chance to break the deadlock. However, his free kick from 30 meters out drifted just wide of the opposition post.

HUU 1252

Thanh Hóa U17 (yellow) and PVF U17 (white) play out a nail-biting championship match.

The following minutes witnessed a fierce midfield battle between the two teams. However, no clear cut chances were created during this period.
PVF U17 frequently deployed direct balls to the box to little effect. Whereas, Thanh Hóa U17 attacking game plan revolved around the main striker Nguyễn Văn Tùng. His constant runs down the right wing caused plenty of problems to PVF U17 defense.

HUU 1517

Văn Tùng is the reliable striking force for Thanh Hóa U17.

In the 26th minute, PVF U17 finally have the real first goal scoring chance, as Võ Nguyên Hoàng’s header from a corner send the ball just above the crossbar.
Nine minutes later, Thanh Hóa U17 went close to open the score. From a corner, Nguyễn Thái Sơn exchanged the ball with Nguyễn Văn Tùng, before delivering a dangerous ball into the box for captain Trần Quốc Đạt. However, his close-range effort cannot go past goalkeeper Lâm Hào.
The last chance for the opening half belonged to Thanh Hóa U17. However, Nguyễn Quốc Đạt’s 30-meter free kick in the 2nd added minute was again kept out by goalkeeper Trần Lâm Hào. The first half finished with no goals for either team.

HUU 1549

Võ Nguyên Hoàng continues to be the main attacking threat for PVF U17.

After the restart, both teams continued with their attacking mentality. In the 55th minute, a corner kick from PVF U17’s Trịnh Văn Chung found Phan Viết Thiện inside the box, but his header went just wide of Lê Trung Tuấn’s goal.
A high tempo was maintained throughout, with various clashes in the midfield. However, both defenses were tidy, and no real opportunities were created.
In the 70th minute, after receiving the cross from teammate, Trần Ngọc Quý of Thanh Hóa U17 made a delicate backheel pass, allowing Bùi Anh Quân to fire a shot from close range. Although the ball was put into the net, the goal was disallowed for offside.

HUU 1604

After winning 1-0 in the group stage, Thanh Hóa U17 once again outlast PVF U17 thanks to the shoot-out win.

The game remained goalless after normal time, forcing PVF U17 and Thanh Hóa U17 to enter the penalty shoot-out to determine the national champions.
While Võ Nguyên Hoàng and Nguyễn Phương Nam of PVF U17 failed to convert their penalties, Gia Huy was the only player from Thanh Hóa U17 to miss on the spot. In the end, Thanh Hóa U17 defeated PVF U17 5-4 on penalties.

HUU 2261

Mr. Nguyễn Trung Kiên – General Director of Next Media Solutions JSC presents the Most Valuable Award to Võ Nguyên Hoàng of PVF U17.

With the victory, Thanh Hóa U17 became the champions of the 2019 Next Media U17 National Championship.

Champions: Thanh Hóa U17 (Trophy, Gold medals, commendation and 50 million VND in prize money).
Runners-up: PVF U17 (Silver medals, commendation and 30 million VND in prize money).
Third places: Viettel U17 & HAGL U17 (Bronze medal, commendation and 20 million VND in prize money for each team).
Fair-play award: Thanh Hóa U17 (Commendation and 10 million VND in prize money).
Top Goalscorer: Nguyễn Văn Tùng (Thanh Hóa U17 #10 with 6 goals; commendation and 5 million VND in prize money).
Most Valuable Player: Võ Nguyên Hoàng (PVF U17 #10; commendation and 5 million VND in prize money).
Best Goalkeeper: Lê Trung Tuấn (Thanh Hóa; commendation and 5 million VND in prize money).

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