PVF welcomes players of XII intake

Ngày cập nhật21/08/2020

On the morning of August 20, PVF welcomed the players of XII intake to the academy. During the meeting, PVF disseminated the necessary information and instructed the admission procedures for parents. The Education and Welfare Department has answered many questions of parents about the training, activities of the Center as well as measures to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic..

PVF’s 2020 enrollment season officially starts from May 16 and ends on August 11.


PVF players of XII intake are very motivated and serious in the implementation of PVF regulations on the day of admission.

In order not to miss talented players and select the best candidates for the XII intake, PVF has recruited widely from all across the country through three main sources. Firstly, PVF recruits students from among selected candidates in community football centers which take place in 03 rounds starting from May 16 to June 7. Second, PVF recruits students via social media for candidates at 05 locations in Hung Yen (PVF), Ha Tinh, Da Nang, Phu Yen, Dong Thap starting from June 13 to June 28. Besides, PVF also recruits candidates via district and provincial tournaments across the country.

Thousands of candidates and parents did not mind the long way to go to PVF admission points. Many emotional images were also recorded. The preparation work of PVF this year is carefully prepared to make the recruitment campaign become a real festival for candidates and their families.

Previously, since September 2019, PVF has regularly met and discussed with a series of community football centers to provide training materials, monitor and evaluate the coaching work at these centers. In addition to finding talent for PVF through enrollment, this activity will help develop a base for local football and Vietnamese football in the future.


For a number of reasons, some of the players of this XII intake will enroll a bit later than the PVF admission schedule.

After the preliminary selection rounds, 71 best candidates across the country were selected for trial phase at PVF.

The 2020 enrollment season has a few notable adjustments. Regarding the enrollment form, PVF divides players into game of 4:4 for 4 minutes per match with many matches for scouts to observe and select. For the candidates, PVF measured their height, weight and checked their puberty status. This is an activity to help the coaching staff appropriately make group.

PVF also organized a psychological test to find out the characteristics of players, to exploit these characteristics from the perspective of football expertise, at the same time to research individual development trends and archive the data until the players grow up. Along with this, the Center organized the bones mesure test for candidates to know the bone age (to avoid age cheating) and to predict the height of each child.

Talking to the candidates of the trial phase, PVF Technical Director Eric Abrams said that among those players, some could be selected to stay at PVF, some not. But that does not mean that PVF will not follow them and care about them, because the candidates’ information will be updated annually by PVF. So these players should continue to play football with all their desires and passions.

Candidates who become official students of PVF will be trained by a team of top national and international coaches. Students are supported both physically and mentally in a scientific, modern and humanistic environment; students will have a deep knowledge of the culture, English and soft skills to become skilled players who are qualified not only in professionalism, fitness, physical strength, health but also in discipline, ethics, and culture, in accordance with the standards required of world professional football. After graduation, students will have the opportunity to play in national and international professional football tournaments.

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