PVF players’ thoughts after the tournament in Thailand

Ngày cập nhật09/08/2019

U14 U15 finished the ADTF tournament last week. We had a really good time and good memory at the tournamnet. The first day at Thailand was tired for everyone because we had a long trip.

Thailand is a vere interesting country. People really respect the king. We arrived on King’s birthday. That’s why people wear yellow color.


12Our hotel was full of Vietnamese tourists. Eveyone was friendly and smiled a lot. There was a pool at our hotel so we can recover after the match. The hotel was close to shopping malls so we can go out and visit the city every night. We felt really comfortable and relax after a long day.

11The food in Thailand was spicy but very good. We eat hot bot and barbeque for dinner. We tried the special food of Thailand: mango sticky rice. And PVF staff organised a dinner for PVF player and Omiya players from Japan. We eat dinner together and talked and made new friends.

7Last day, we visited the famous pagoda in Thailand named Wat Arun. Inside the pagoda wasthe gig Buddha statue 46 meter length.6

We played football with very good teams from Thailand and Japan. Match and training was difficult because it is very hot and sunny. The first 3 match, our teamwork was not well because PVF played with Police, Nam Dinh and Thanh Hoa players. But coach Moulay was always encouraging and told us to try our best and kept fighting spirit.10

After that, we played better, and had 2 wining match, 1 draw but finally lose penalty, ranked 11/16.

2After the tournament, we all are veru happy because we played football and had more experience and knowledge. We are very thankful for coach Moulay, PVF staff, PVF Football Academy for the great opportuniry. We hope that in the futre, we will have more tournament to practice.

  • Duy Hưng, Tuấn Huy/PVF

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