Tẩy Văn Toàn and the thorny pathway at PVF

Ngày cập nhật24/03/2020

Along with Lê Văn Đô, winger Tẩy Văn Toàn (born in 2001, Quảng Ninh) is scoring the most goals for U19 PVF in Group A at the 2020 Vietnam U19 Championship QG 2020 with 03 goals.

Văn Toàn got into the eyes of PVF coaches when he was 9 years old playing at a tournament in his hometown. But at that time, Toàn was too small so his parents wanted him to stay home. One year later (2012), Văn Toàn got through many other kids at the recruitment to become a PVF player.

van toanVăn Toàn is playing outstandingly in PVF U19 at the 2020 Vietnam U19 Championship.
The joy is double as his younger brother was also recruited to PVF. “He played even better than me. When I was with PVF U11, I heard that my brother decided to stay home as he was so homesick and crying. Coaches at PVF said that if he changed his mind, PVF would take him back. Other academies called him but he decided to stay home and come back to school” – Văn Toàn said.

Without his brother, Văn Toàn had to try harder training with his teammate. Idolizing Mesut Ozil since 2010, Văn Toàn wants to play in his own skillful style. He was the runner-up with PVF U15 in 2016 and the champion of the 2017 Vietnam U17 Championship.

With a superficial character, Văn Toàn always has to tell himself to control his hot temper, to improve the finishing skill & endurance and to be calm in all situations.

The player from Quảng Ninh used to have a gap time at home for a year. When he came back, Văn Toàn won the title of 2018 Elite Gothia Cup 2018 with PVF U17. At the final, Văn Toàn scored the only goal against Uganda U17. “Now I know that I have to think more carefully for me, for my team, for my family, and to be more grown-up” – Văn Toàn shared.

Hope that Văn Toàn will keep his form to help PVF U19 go far at this tournament.

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