The hero of Hanoi FC graduated from PVF

Ngày cập nhật23/09/2020

Truong Van Thai Quy, the player who helped Hanoi FC’s two goals in the win over Viettel, encountered a rare incident four years ago.

Quang Hai is the player who set the 2-1 victory for Hanoi FC against Viettel in the 2020 National Cup final last night. But in order for Quang Hai to make such a volley, the ball-winning effort of Thai Quy – the player who was pointed by coach Chu Dinh Nghiem to play in the last 15 minutes deserves to be recognized.

Thai Quy

Thai Quy is the hero of Hanoi FC in the final of the National Cup.

But Thai Quy’s contributions to the remontade didn’t come only from the assistance for Quang Hai. Because 9 minutes before Quang Hai’s goal, if Thai Quy did not make a powerful strike to knock down opposing goalkeeper Nguyen Manh, Hanoi FC would not have managed to reverse the game.

How did that situation come about? Receiving the pass of teammate into the penalty area, Thanh Chung, instead of controlling the ball, used his chest to push the ball to the second line, as Thai Quy was rushing to find space. The sharper Thanh Chung’s pass, the stronger Thai Quy’s shot. When the ball had not yet touched the ground, Thai Quy used the inside foot to finish the ball with a speed that the naked eye couldn’t see.

Not many people know that before being an important hero for Hanoi FC in protecting the National Cup, Thai Quy had a rare incident on the pitch four years ago. In the 2016 Asian U19 Finals, when U19 PVF’s Thai Quy met U19 Viettel in Khanh Hoa, two dogs from nowhere suddenly ran across the pitch, interrupting the match between the two teams. Impatient as the home side was leading 0-2, PVF U19 captain Truong Van Thai Quy rushed to pounce on one of the two dogs with the intention of bringing him out the pitch. However, because he was surprised, the dog bit Thai Quy’s arm, causing him to have a rabies vaccine to ensure safety after the game ended.

“My hand is getting better. Because it’s a toy dog, the injury is not very serious”, Thai Quy shared with reporters at that time. “Because the home team is losing, I was in a rush and got angry, so I ran to quickly carry him off the pitch.” Thai Quy laughed and humbly joked: “After the match, I was also given a vaccination. Speaking of abstinence, I should avoid… drinking for 6 months”.

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