U13 Galatasaray 3 – 2 U13 PVF: A close battle

Ngày cập nhật25/05/2019

Losing a match to a strong opponent of international caliber is still a value experience for PVF young players.

After a loss against U13 Inter Milan, U13 PVF still started against U13 Galatasaray (Turkey) with full confidence.
In a close match with equal possession for both sides, U13 still stood strong after many great attempts from the opponent. U13 Galatasaray with a technical playstyle has caused a lot of trouble for our young players and Coach Duy Dong.


Photo: Minh Anh/PVF

U13 PVF and U13 Galatasaray have delivered an entertaining match for the fans with continuous chases on the scoreboard. 1-1, 2-1, 2-2. After being 1 goal down in the beginning, U13 PVF immediately had their answers with instant equalisers.
It was unfortunate that we conceded the third goals after commited a foul in the box. On the penalty spot, U13 Galatasaray made no mistake and remained their lead until the end of the match.
The next two matches for U13 PVF will be on 25/5 against AIK and Rapid Wien SK.
• Source: Minh Anh/PVF

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