U19 Vietnam third gathering at PVF

Ngày cập nhật21/08/2020

As part of the preparation plan for the U19 Asian Cup 2020, Vietnam National U19 Team will reunite on August 20. This is the third gathering of U19 Vietnam this year and 36 players have been called up. This time, the team will train at PVF Football Academy..

Compared to the two previous gatherings, the list of U19 Vietnam summoned players for the third gathering has a lot of changes. This is not surprising as the coach Philippe Troussier and his colleagues are still in the process of reviewing and controlling the force to build the optimized U19 Vietnam team.

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Besides, because national football tournaments are postponed to prevent Covid-19, the coaching staffs have given priority to summoning a group of players from clubs such as Phu Tho, PVF, Viettel, CAND … This group of players has not had the opportunity to join the Vietnam U19 team due to the match schedule in the National Second Division – On Sports 2020. The rather unfortunate absence at this gathering is midfielder Huynh Cong Den (club Pho Hien) due to his injury treatment.

As planned, the whole team will be present at the Vietnam Youth Football Training Center on August 20. Like Vietnam U22 Team, coach Philippe Trousssier and his students will be medically checked and tested by Realtime RT-PCR to ensure Covid-19 prevention and control.

After completing the medical examination and meeting the health safety requirements, U19 Vietnam Team will relocate and train at the PVF Youth Football Training Center from August 22 to August 28. With modern facilities and professional management structure, PVF has been/is a familiar place for gathering of not only U19 Vietnam. The U16, U17, U18, U22, Olympic Vietnam Team have all gathered for a long time at PVF.


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