Warm ceremony for Vietnamese’s Teachers day at PVF

Ngày cập nhật25/11/2020

On November 20, 2020, PVF celebrated the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day themed “expressing gratitude to inspirers”. Repertoire directed and presented by PVF players with gratefulness and affection left plenty of emotion and meaningfulness.

“Respected moral and venerated teacher” has been a Vietnamese long-standing tradition that teachers who dedicate to deliver knowledge for students’ future are always highly respected. “Those being your teachers for one day are being your teachers for your whole life”.


The dancing performance “An ascending Vietnam” by 2009- PVF players.

All over the country, these days of November are filled of excitement and emotion among students and alumni towards their teachers.
These activities of gratitude have their own characteristics as PVF players have been away from their family for typical education and training since they were at grade 5 or 6.


The ceremony took place in warm atmosphere.

Though there is no workshop, music, sport competition or wall newspaper, PVF players still come up with their typical ways of expression in such occasions like this.


Repertoire by PVF players continuously surprised coaches, teachers and the Management.

Comprehending that, PVF Management and the Education and Welfare Department decided to gather all those sincerity, affection and simplicity and turned them into a special gift which was the small “expressing gratitude to inspirers” ceremony to all the Coaches, teachers and other caretakers and supporting staff.


The Rap “thank you- teachers” by Phan Thanh Long and his group.

Not only being talents with aspiration to become professional football players, PVF players also show their effort and dedication in their studying in the academy.


Quoc Khanh- born in 2008 and his group performing an energetic English song.

Teachers and coaches experienced plenty of happiness, sadness and profoundness through the team self- introduction or such competitions as “PVF in my heart” and “Players’ voice”


The meaningful play told about the dreams, aspiration and efforts of a boy who lived in poverty with his passion for football.

Through repertoire and competitions, each team expressed their perspectives on PVF, young players, dreams, aspiration to shine, the World Cup goal and their contribution to the national football.

10The mild and profound reminder from PVF players on economizing and preserving personal belongings.

Flowers and sincere thankfulness from by PVF players ended the ceremony. Hopefully, each of them will always make efforts to turn words into deeds in order to promote PVF and Vietnamese football for further achievement.

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