Warm Mid-Autumn Festival at PVF

Ngày cập nhật28/09/2020

On September 26, PVF held a Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 with the theme of “Dragon gate tale” for PVF students, staff and children, students of Phat Tich Center.

Before the bustling atmosphere of the festival was started, students with outstanding academic achievements in the 2019-2020 scholar years had been selected and awarded certificates of merit and meaningful gifts.


PVF General Director, Vice President of the Kind Heart Foundation – Ms. Phan Thu Huong gives certificates of merit to Nguyen Thi Nhi from the Phat Tich Center for her outstanding academic achievement in the 2019-2020 school year.

PVF General Director and Vice President of the Kind Heart Foundation, Ms. Phan Thu Huong spoke with students and gave advice, as well as expressed her hope that they will continue to make efforts. On behalf of these students, Tran Lam Hao (grade 12 PVF, the elite student of Vinschool) and Nguyen Thi Nhi (a student of the Phat Tich Center with excellent academic achievements) expressed gratitude and promised against the expectations of their teachers and Vingroup.


PVF Deputy General Director Nguyen Thi My Dung and PVF Technical Director Eric Abrams awarded certificates of merit to students with outstanding achievements at Vinschool in the 2019-2020 school year.

The “Dragon gate” tale tells about how the carp overcame many difficulties, struggles, and storms to transform into a dragon, creating rain for mankind. The legend of the dragon carp symbolizes courage, luck, success, victory.

The organizers hope that the training process of PVF players will be like the process of “surpassing the Dragon gate” of the carp, with the mission of raising the level of Vietnamese football – “transformation to a dragon” to reach the worldwide standards, especially with the goal of helping Vietnamese football attend the 2026 World Cup.


Children experience many folk games at the Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 in PVF.

The carp’s story is similar to the story of children at the Phat Tich Center trying to overcome difficult circumstances, studying and working hard to become successful and productive people in the future.3

Children are making Tò he.

On the artificial pitch of PVF, the children were immersed in many folk and modern games, they experienced mask painting, Tò he molding, moon cake making, shooting competitions, blind man’s bluff, bag jumping, watching lion dance, decorating mid-autumn festival platform.


The children decorate the mid-autumn platform.

The festival ended when everyone gathered together to enjoy the delicious food of PVF Kitchen Team. We hope that it was a beautiful memory for everyone and it will improve the attachment that the children are having with PVF, therefore they will be motivated to bring more success to the Academy in the future.

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