Le Minh Toan: From the dream shoes to efforts to return to the pitch

Ngày cập nhật07/09/2020

Like many boys who love football, every afternoon after school, the young Le Minh Toan played with plastic balls on the empty land, the yard corner at home or the communal playground on the bare feet with all his passion.

The dream of becoming a professional player came as a surprise to the boy from Tay Ninh. In 2015 he and the provincial team attended the Milo Cup. Despite the poor performance of his team, Minh Toan’s ability was recognized by coach Trinh Tan Thanh. “After the game, Mr. Thanh called me out and asked for my parents’ phone number for direct discussion. He said he wanted me to come to PVF for a trial and further judgment. Then when my parents asked me if I liked it, I was like a person walking on the clouds due to happiness despite my little knowledge about PVF. ” – Minh Toan said.

“At the center I was given daily personal belongings including a pair of shoes. It was very beautiful. I’ve never had such beautiful shoes. I told myself to try, make an effort to stay and strive.”- the U17 PVF player said.

Le Minh Toan 3

Lê Minh Toàn on the training ground in the morning of September 5.

After a three- week trial, Minh Toan was selected to become an official player of PVF. From the profile as a striker, he was set to play as a central midfielder for his good observation and suitable fitness. In 2019, Minh Toan made his first play for the National U15 Vietnam in 2015 AFF Championship. Despite having competed with efforts and left impression, the young was so disappointed with his unfortunate injury and the failure of the team. Returning home, Minh Toan entered a long battle with surgeries and rehabilitations.

Minh Toan shared: “I am only a little sad and feel my body uncomfortable when not being able to compete with my teammates in the 2020 National U17 Qualification or other matches. However, I always tell myself that I am very young and I have to be consistent with his injury, train hard and follow the schedule of coaches and experts at PVF. My family, coaches, especially the PVF physiotherapist team are always by my side, encourage and help me both technically and mentally. Now I can return to the pitch, train and play football. I will try my best to regain my best performance and hope to join U17 PVF in the up-coming National U17 Finals. ”
Wish you and PVF U17 will compete successfully in the tournament held at PVF Football Academy from September 18, 2020.

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