Nguyễn Duy Triết: the quiet captain

Ngày cập nhật25/03/2020

Besides Huỳnh Công Đến, Trần Hoàng Phúc, NGUYỄN DUY TRIẾT (born in 2001) is chosen to be the captain of PVF U19 at the 2020 Vietnam U19 Championship Qualification.

For Triết, the road to become a PVF player is quite unexpected. When he was a child, he loved to play football all day. His father allowed him to train football for a year. One day, he was at school when his father came and asked the teacher to take him to a football recruitment test in Quảng Ngãi Stadium. Triết felt a little overwhelmed but he still played well over more than 200 other kids.

duy trietDuy Triết (red) in a friendly match with Hà Nội U19 in 2020.
Besides PVF, Duy Triết also received the invitation from Viettel FC. But he & his family chose PVF as PVF was still at HCMC then, they could visit him at any time. Moreover, the friendliness of coaches is one of a big reason for Triết to choose PVF.

At PVF, the player from Quảng Ngãi gained the trust from coaches and often trained with the older team.

“I felt so happy that I pushed myself to train at 200% of my ability” – Duy Triết said. Triết doesn’t idolize any specific player, he always tries to learn the strongest point of each player to improve himself. His good temper but also strong when needed is the reason why coaches want to give him the captain band.

Some of titles he won: Champion of 2014 Brunei U14 International Cup, Champion of 2015 Singapore U15 ICC Cup, Runner-up of 2016 Vietnam U15 Championship, Champion of 2017 Vietnam U17 Championship, Runner-up of 2017 Vietnam U19 Championship, Champion of 2018 U17 Elite Gothia Cup, in the squad of Vietnam U19 at 2020 Asian U20 Championship.

The most difficult time for Triết was at the age of 14 when he suffered a knee injury for a year. Triết was able to overcome that time with the encouragement from family, coaches and the spirit of a captain.

Triết is also a leader outside the field. He said: “On the field, I always remind my teammates to be focus and careful. In daily living, I remind them to follow the rule of PVF. If there’s any objection, I sit down and discuss to solve the problem”. Duy Triết’s greatest lesson at PVF is to take care for himself after 8 year staying here.

Duy Triết said he often thinks about the future, what to do, where to play. “Life will be harder and harder. I will have to try more to improve myself. When training here, it’s okay for me to make mistake. But when I play out there, I will be out if I can’t play well” – Duy Triết shared.

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