PVF organizes psychology consultation for 2007-08-born players

Ngày cập nhật20/03/2020

PVF Education & Welfare Department, with support from Ms. Pénélope Luongo – the spouse of PVF Head of Grassroots Coaching Department Cédric Luongo, has organized psychology consultation sessions for PVF Academy players.

Ms. Pénélope Luongo possesses in-depth experience on social activities, through her work at Montfavet Psychiatric Hospital (France). During the week of March 16th-23rd, the psychology consultation sessions are organized for the 2007 and 2008-born players. In cozy atmosphere, various groups of players discuss and share about their family and the life at PVF, as well as relationship with their peers or plan for future career.


The conversation is guided by Ms. Pénélope, as she provided many questions to encourage Academy players to think and exchange their ideas. Ms. Pénélope also delivers her personal idea to help develop positive perspective for the players.
These psychology consultation sessions will be organized until the end of March 2020. The ideas gathered from these sessions will be the basis for the expert to provide suggestions for the manager of PVF Education & Welfare Department.

In the scientific, modern and humanity environment of PVF, the Academy players are taken care both in terms of physical and well-being. Academy players receive comprehensive schooling, English and soft skills education to become players not only with superior physique, fitness and health, but also with the sense of discipline, morality and good behavior, in order to attain the sophisticated global standards of professional football.

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