PVF organizes the 2019 Year-end Ceremony & 2020 Orientation

Ngày cập nhật15/01/2020

In the afternoon of January 15th, PVF organized the 2019 Year-end Ceremony & 2020 Orientation. 2019 was the year of determining commitments and actions taken by PVF for the development of Vietnamese Football.

Speaking in the event, PVF CEO Phan Thu Huong shared the pride of Vingroup, in which the corporation has had big steps towards the mission of “For a better life of the Vietnamese people”. The CEO hoped that the results achieved in 2019 would motivate any individual of students, staff, experts and coaches to endeavor and try ones best for the future of Vietnamese Football.


PVF CEO Phan Thu Huong spent majority of the time to share the vision and desire of Vingroup Corporation to staff, experts and students of PVF.

Last year, PVF sent 14 delegations to participate in youth domestic competition organized by Vietnam Football Federation- VFF and 07 International Friendly Competition. Besides becoming U17 National Championship Runner-up, 2019 ICC Cup Runner-up and U16 Nara Tournament Runner-up, PVF, using the youth team, has also been promoted to play in 2020 V-league 3. PVF players and U21 Pho Hien remarkably achieved Runner-up title in 2019 U21 National Championship.


PVF Vice CEO Nguyen Thi My Dung presented the results in 2019 and specific objectives for 2020 of PVF.

Especially, in the last year, 40 students and players grown up from PVF were called up into Vietnam national teams, ranging from U15 to U22. PVF was so proud when 06 players, accounting for the majority of the squad, have earned the historical Sea Games’ golden medal under the coaching of Mr. Park Hang Seo after the long-waited 60 years. Additionally, many players under the coaching of Mr. Philippe Troussier performed well to qualify for 2020 U20 Asian Cup Finals.


PVF Technical Director Philippe Troussier spoke in the 2019 Year-end Ceremony & 2020 Orientation of PVF in the January 15th afternoon.

The pride was even extended as in October 21st, Vingroup Corporation, represented by PVF Academy, has officially signed a comprehensive partnership contract with Vietnam Football Federation. Not long after that, in October 28th, PVF continued to have an intensive cooperation with the top football team Bosnia & Herzegovina FK Sarajevo with the ambition of upgrading home country’s football, aiming for the 2026 World Cup Finals.

Taking great responsibilities into itself, in May 2019, PVF has announced a strong supporting program for the development of grassroots football and professional football in Nghe An and Ha Tinh. Specifically, besides sponsoring for youth football competitions, PVF, each year, considers to support for 50 to 80 schools in each local province in order for them to equip facilities, like goals, balls, nets.


In the event, PVF leaders rewarded good and distinction certificates for PVF staff and coaches that had achieved high results in 2019.

Besides supporting on facility aspect, PVF regularly advises and trains football technical teams of the two provinces.

Beyond what have been done, from September 2019, PVF has made a series of trips to survey and work with grassroots football centers of 14 Northern provinces.

PVF expects that this model of football cooperation and development will be applied in every province of the country. Everything is to aim at the collective objective, which is to invest and support youngsters having gifts and talents of football; contributing a part in order to take, country’s sports in general and Vietnam’s football in particular, to join the big stage of the region, continent and the world.


The atmosphere of the PVF‘s event of 2019 Year-end Ceremony & 2020 Orientation in the afternoon of January 15th.

In 2019, PVF treated 32 key players of the National Football Team and 52 professional players in terms of medical checking, treatment and rehabilitation in PVF.

PVF has welcomed 12 delegations of Vietnam National Teams, 09 international teams and 06 V-league professional football clubs to visit and train here.

It can be affirmed that 2019 was the year filling with PVF’s commitments and actions for the development of Vietnamese football.

Looking back on the past year, besides the pride, there are still nostalgia and regrets. Added to triumphs, there are losses that make us still think of.

In the event, PVF Technical Director Philippe Troussier expected all PVF staff, coaches, students to maintain the united spirit and to endeavor every day, every hour to complete oneself and to achieve better results than 2019.

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