The love of football at Đồng Tháp

Ngày cập nhật26/02/2019

 1050 là số thí sinh kỉ lục cho tới thời điểm này được ghi nhận ở điểm tuyển sinh Đồng Tháp của PVF. Nó bằng tổng hai địa điểm tại Trà Vinh và Bến Tre cộng lại.

If that is not what convinced you, the story of Phan Van Sanh with blind eyes still led nearly 20 children football competition is another testament to the love of football of Dong Thap. The night before the entrance day, he and the boys were not nearly asleep because of the wait. At 1:30 am on March 25 the children were taken to his home by his parents. At 2h30 they all catched the car to Cao Lanh City (more than 100km away) to enroll the contest.


Mr. Teo who supported the recruitment of PVF, from the media to the grassroots, schools, parents on Cao Lanh confessed that Dong Thap may be difficult, but love football fierce. Proof is that U19 Dong Thap U19 Championship QG. This team also won the U15, U17 QG years ago. Teo’s community football class is always crowded. In the summer, he almost did not have time to rest. People like Teo in Dong Thap is not less. On the morning of March 25, according to the schedule, PVF’s recruiting team will start working from 8am. But 5:30 pm the parents and contestants were filled with artificial turf. Mr. Teo, Mr. Ngo (Cao Lanh City Education and Training Office) and some other leaders of the city have also been present waiting for us. The large stage, the sound of light, the table for the delegates are prepared thoughtfully.


We decided to start the pre-recruitment process almost an hour earlier. The delegation almost made noon. Candidates also find the base of cool trees to sleep because they had to wait for a long time. But at 17:30 all things are finished. Nearly 10 hours in the sun, Coach Duy Dong, coach Tan Thanh to the manager Hieu Hao, Van Sac almost “dry their battery”.


Teacher Te, teacher Truc and other teachers, parents just like us-no rest. 16 candidates in the main enrollment age of PVF have been enrolled. Another record number. As a rule, only 3-4 candidates are registered by PVF. Not only PVF, other training camps also considered Dong Thap as “red address” enrollment.


The Vo Nguyen Hoang, Trinh Quang Truong, Be Thua are some names PVF trainees from Dong Thap. Warm feelings, sincere is what the PVF recruiting team always receive each time here.



Thank you and see you in Dong Thap!

  • (Diary of recuitment, PVF 2018)

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