PVF remains proactive and optimistic in prevention against Covid-19 epidemic

Ngày cập nhật20/03/2020

In the current complex situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, PVF, similar to various other institutions, is proactively carrying out measures to ensure safety for all staffs and academy players. The proactive and optimistic spirit is evident among all PVF personnel.

Rigorous measures are being applied regarding entrance and exit into the complex, as well as sanitation procedure. For the Academy players, although they are away from parents or schools, and cannot compete due to the suspension or cancellation of various tournaments, they continue to acquire school knowledge through online classes with Vinschool teachers.
Besides the daily football training, various life skills courses organized by PVF staffs and experts also provide knowledge and leisure for Academy players.

04ad6efaaad5518b08c4PVF Academy players participating in the yoga class on March 18th.
The yoga classes for the U13 players commence in the morning of March 18th. In addition, PVF experts also spend time to converse and acknowledge the issues that players from each age group are experiencing. Understanding the players plays a vital role, as it allows for coaches to suitably adjust the training plan.

154c5161bb4840161959A lively English class for PVF U19 players taught by staff of Education & Welfare Department.
Various other leisure events have been planned, including internal football friendly matches, competitions of chess, pool and video games, or singing contest, in the spirit of providing a healthy environment and enhancing the solidarity among Academy players and staffs.

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