PVF students return to their roots and traditional values at Lạc Cảnh Đại Nam Văn Hiến (Millenium-old Southern Wonderland)

Ngày cập nhật22/12/2016

Before taking the first semester final exams, PVF students were extremely eager about a coming journey which was not long but would help them learn more. The boys were not let down when they set eyes on the resplendent sceneries at the Đại Nam Tourism Complex, which brought them back to the time-honored historical eras.

Some rumors that the long trip to Dai Nam would be tiring, sunny and expensive and there would be not much to see and get amused with except exhaustion and fatigue proved wrong. Upon our arrival, we were welcomed by imposing, stunning walls with “guards” all the way from the street. The scenery gave visitors a feeling that they were on China’s Great Wall, but the walls here are still rich in identity of people of Đại Việt (Great Viet) (Great Viet is where the King of the Southern country lives.)

PVF students showed their excitement at Đại Nam Tourism Complex/ Tourist Zone.

Đại Nam Tourism Complex/ Tourist Zone possesses mountains, rivers which make up a gorgeous tourist spot.
The temple’s main entrance boasts elaborate carvings, with all the details being gold-inlaid, which add glitter and enigma to the structures.

After going past the main entrance, the bus carried the PVF students to a modern recreation section with more than 40 games, which range from mild, relaxing games to thrilling ones which test out their braveness, from adventure games to nature exploring activities.

Most of these games, which hold records in height, length and adventuresomeness, have been in Vietnam for the first time. In addition, the gentle Folk Game section helped the boys regain composure after taking part in thrilling games.

The first surprise was with the Dome Cinema, with a Spheric auditorium capable of seating 200 guests and a system of six projectors in operation simultaneously, creating vivid, lifelike images on the curved screen of 18 meters in diameter. A rotating surrounding sound system and another system with 18 speakers transported the PVF trainees to the distant world of the Solar System, helping them explore the Galaxy and unravel the origin of life, formation of the universe and particularly the job of an astronaut.

The boys sat back comfortably on the chairs, relishing the relaxing moments with their teachers and friends and learning more scientific knowledge from the humankind knowledge treasure. The film screened at the Dome Cinema kept the boys wowing as this was their first experience there.

You dream of beholding real snow once in your life, touching it, picking up the snowflakes and frolicking in the snow. The snow world will certainly realize your dreams. The adorable snowmen, and cuddly penguins of the Arctic in the Snow World will take you to another realm. The PVF boys certainly did not miss this rare opportunity.

The PVF students entered the all-white, cold Snow World.

Next the PVF trainees, divided into small groups, took part in different games such as watching 4D films, riding the Roller Coaster, racing F1 cars, mini cars to show off their skills as a superb racer, along with other “hair-raising” games.

They also reveled in the Paint Ball gunner game with a national defense significance to raise team spirit.

The 98 students turned into brave, bold soldiers in the Paint Ball gunner game.

After having lunch at the restaurant, the boys continued their amusement at Đại Nam Sea. Surrounding the imposing mountain range next to the resplendent castle, the sea, designed as a double wave pool and dotted with islets, gave the boys a fun-packed half-day swim.

The journey finally came to an end, with the boys exhausted but elated. The journey bolstered the boys’ friendship and intimacy, and minimized the gap between the students and their teachers.

Back in HCMC, the PVF trainees were treated to a sumptuous meal at Kichi Kichi Restaurant- a famous rotary hotpot restaurant. The boys enjoyed their meal before returning to Thanh Long to get ready for the new semester of hard studies and practice.

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