Quốc Huy, 2003 PVF player: From the bench to the Captain

Ngày cập nhật20/03/2020

Ngô Trần Quốc Huy (Hồ Chí Minh City, born in 2003) entered PVF as a player in the 8th recruited class.

At the age of 14, when he was unable to participate in youth tournaments, Huy and his father went to Hoang Anh Gia Lai and Lion Sport Football Center to join the player recruitment but Huy was not selected. “Now when I think back to that time, I feel lucky. If I had not been chosen to join PVF, my life would have turned into a different direction” – Quốc Huy confided. Arriving at the center 02-03 years later than other players at the same age, Quốc Huy told himself “if they practice 5, I have to practice 10”. After each training session, Quốc Huy asked coaches his weaknesses and to stay on the pitch for extra training.

1Quốc Huy and Phố Hiến U19 are playing an extremely impressive qualifying round in Group A of 2020 National U19 Championship.

After training for a year, Quốc Huy suffered an ankle injury in a training session. Returning to the pitch after 04 months of treatment, the young player was in decline. “For nearly two years I had to acquaint to the bench, as I could not start any matches or being registered for any tournaments. That was really a torture. I cried a lot but my parents always had my back and encouraged me. Dad said, “Your football career is ahead, be strong.” Although my parents did not let express it out, I can see their expectations for me. When I think about people who love me, I push myself to train harder to come back to the pitch to compete.”

In the Group A of the 2020 National U19 Championship qualifiers, not only did Quốc Huy appear in the starting line-up, he is also assigned as captain of Phố Hiến U19 (composed mostly of 2003 and 2004 PVF players) in some matches. “That was a very significant recognition for me. I understand that the coach trusted me.” – Quốc Huy said. Phố Hiến U19 played the football of dedication and determination. They are catching up tightly with Hà Nội U19 and PVF U19 on the ranking table. Huy said he still needs to focus more in each upcoming match.

His idol is Alexander Arnold – Liverpool right-back and Huy always learns from other older players. Quốc Huy said: “Going through difficulties, I understand that football is harsh. I have to work harder every day. If the determination is big enough, I will not be defeated by injury or any other obstacles.”

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