Technical director of PVF leads U19 Vietnam

Ngày cập nhật07/09/2019

On August 27, the Vietnam Football Federation – VFF sent a dispatch to PVF to invite PVF Technical Director Philippe Troussier to take on the position of U19 Vietnam coach for the Asian U19 2020 qualification.

After completing the U18 Championship in Southeast Asia, VFF made the change for the position of the coach of the U19 Vietnam team with the aim of finding a new head coach with high qualifications and understanding of specific characteristics of Vietnamese young football to lead U19 Vietnam to the Asian U19 Group J qualifier held in Vietnam from November 6 – 10, 2019.


(Photo) PVF Technical Director Philippe Troussier.

After a period of seeking information, VFF decided to invite PVF Technical Director Philippe Troussier to be the head coach of U19 Vietnam team to participate in this tournament. The period from September 2019 to the end of November 2019 with the goal of bringing the U19 Vietnam team to the right to attend the Finals of U19 Asian Cup 2020.

With the goal of contributing the core players and the best support services to the National Teams, contributing to Vietnam football towards the 2024 Olympic Paris and the FIFA’s World Cup 2026 World Cup Final. , PVF agreed to this invitation.

Recently, PVF has also actively cooperated and supported with VFF to create the best conditions for players and national teams such as supporting U15 Vietnam, U18 Vietnam, U22 Vietnam, Olympic Vietnam. facilities, personnel for the gathering of teams at the Center. Many national team players are also being treated for injuries with expert Choi Ju Young.

Leaders of the Ministry of Culture – Sports – Tourism, Vietnam Football Federation and PVF leaders also had discussions and discussions with the common goal of contributing to improving the football of the country.

PVF Technical Director Philippe Troussier: He was dubbed the “white witch” of Asian and African football, twice leading national teams to the FIFA World Cup, bringing the Japanese national team to First round in the round of 16 of the FIFA World Cup finals, winning the Asian Cup , the African Championship runner-up with Burkina Faso, the FIFA World Cup U20 runner-up with U20 Japan, the Top 4 Men’s Football Olympic Games with the Japanese Olympic, ..

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