U19 PVF won the runner-up at U19 National Championship in 2017

Ngày cập nhật31/03/2017

Final with the second prize, U19 PVF has three more players who won the typical player’s award include: Văn Xuân (typical right midfield); Liễu Quang Vinh (typical left back) and Phan Bá Hoàng (typical right back).

On the afternoon of 31st March at Quy Nhon Stadium – Binh Dinh held the final match between U19 PVF and U19 Hanoi at U19 National League 2017.

U19 PVF twice took the lead with the goals of midfielder captain Lê Văn Xuân (17th minute) and Huỳnh Công Đến (56th minute) but U19 Hà Nội equalized with goals of Lê Văn Nam (36th minute and 66th minute).

Previously scored but U19 PVF has let U19 Hanoi win the final (Photo: Thanh Nien Magazine)

At the last minute, U19 PVF put all the power to attack and counter-attacked of U19 Hanoi in the 90 + 2 minute of Duy Khiêm.

Thus, U19 Hanoi for the first time successfully defended the National U19 Championship. Last year they also defeated U19 Viettel on the penalty spot (the 1-1 draw in two innings, with tiebreaker U19 Hà Nội won 5-4).


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